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Client as defined above, agrees to rent Furniture and/or props from Victory Props, Inc. (“Victory”) in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Rental Agreement (the “Agreement”). VICTORY can be contacted at or by phone at (818) 533–8587, during VICTORYʼs hours of operations, Monday thru Friday, 8am to 5pm (“Business Hours”).
Client is to return a completed, signed version of the Agreement to setup a Rental Account with VICTORY and for VICTORY to release rentals to the custody of the Client, their agents, or their employees as part of a Rental Order (“Order”). The Agreement maybe returned via e-mail, including Credit Card Authorization.

VICTORY rents Furniture and/or props for up to 1 week (7 days) (“Rental Period”). Rental Periods begin at the start of Business Hours on the scheduled Shipping/Pickup Date. There is no rate change for Orders returned before the scheduled Due Date or returned within 24hours. Orders extending beyond 1 Rental Period or that are returned Past Due will be subject to charges for additional Rental Periods.

VICTORY will honor Clientʼs Tax Exempt status and not collect taxes on Orders upon receipt of Clientʼs valid California Tax Exempt Certificate.

VICTORY will make a good-faith effort to provide Rentals in the best possible condition, but does not extend a warranty on any Rentals. Client agrees to rent in “AS IS” condition. Client is responsible for inspection of Rentals and to notify VICTORY of issues or damage to Rentals prior to release of items to Client. Client can come during business hours to view Rentals in-person prior to rental start date.
VICTORY can arrange delivery and/or return courier service for Clientʼs Order, for an additional fee. Client must provide the delivery and/or pickup date, time, and location to receive a quote from VICTORY. Client, their agents, or employees can also pickup or return an Order from VICTORY during Business Hours.

VICTORY will wrap and/or box Rentals in an Order prior to release. To prevent damage, VICTORY asks the Client re-wrap Rentals prior to return. Unreturned packing blankets used to wrap an Order will be subject to a replacement fee. VICTORY and its agents or employees are not responsible for wrapping or boxing Rentals in Orders that VICTORY arranges return courier service for. Client may be subject to added fees should VICTORYʼs agents or employees wrap or box Rentals in the course of return courier service.

Client is responsible for providing a Certificate of Insurance for each job before checking out orders. Please see our website: to download a sample COI. 

Client is responsible for any damage to items beyond the original condition it was released in. A credit card number must be provided to keep on file in the event of any damage or loss. Damages may be billed as a repair, cleaning fee, or replacement.

VICTORY accepts credit card, check, or cash as payment for an Order. All Orders must be paid in full to be released. Payment is non-refundable once an Order is finalized and VICTORY releases Rentals to the custody of the Client, their agents, or employees.

VICTORY makes no warranties or indemnification relating to your use of the Rentals unless release is requested and provided by VICTORY for items created by VICTORY. All parties renting from VICTORY represent and warrant that their use will be consistent withapplicable laws including, without limitation, copyright, privacy, and publicity laws, and that they will not infringe or violate the rights of any other party. All rights not granted by VICTORY are specifically reserved.

By placing an Order, Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless VICTORY and its agents and employees, against any claims of any sort resulting from any activity in connection with the Rental. Please have an authorized representative of the Client sign below and complete the Credit Card Authorization, and return to